Handmade Oryoki- Bowls of Earthenware


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Oryokischalen oryoki bowls





Oryoki bowls are the traditional eating utensils in Zen.


Translated, Oryoki means "that which contains just enough". The large bowl, also called the Buddha bowl, went out of the traditional begging bowl of the monks.


Traditionally, 5-piece sets are common. Shunryu Suzuki simplified in Soto-Zen to a 3-part variant.


My bowls are completely handmade.


They are lead-free in mass and glaze, cadmium-free and acid-resistant and therefore suitable for food.


They are dishwasher safe and, in the case of Oryoki-Bowls not so crucial, but also frost resistant.


Here you can download a booklet about the use of the bowls in English language  [Les Kaye’s (Kannon-Do) Oryoki Instruction Manual].



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