Oryoki-Bowl Set -Limoge/ 5 parts black-

5-piece Oryoki sets are often used in the Rinzai tradition. Here you can download a booklet about the use of the bowls in English language  (Les Kaye’s Oryoki Instruction Manual).


These bowls are made with deep gray earthenware. Inside, they are treated with black semi-glossy glaze. Outside the bowls are unglazed natural. The fifth, smallest bowl is made of Limoge porcelain.


Limoge porcelain comes from the small town of the same name, Limoge, in the heart of France. The material is known for its quality and transparency.


Of course, the 5-piece set is also available entirely in gray-black earthenware.


Set consisting of 5 bowls. The largest bowl measures 5,7'' in diameter, it is 2,4'' high. The small bowl has a diameter of 3,3'', 1,5'' height.


In stock.

€237,50/ approx. 279.- USD, shipping worldwide, order with ETSY or in my online-shop. (opens in new window).

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