Handmade Oryoki- Bowls of Earthenware


oryoki bowls, oryoki,
Oryokischalen oryoki bowls




To find current offers, check out the shop on ETSY.


Basically, I offer a set of oryoki bowls from € 85.-/ 96.- USD. Elaborate worked pieces, for example, with light engobe inside are a bit more expensive.


Please note that all my pieces are one of a kind pieces.

Therefore sizes, colours and shapes will vary slightly from piece to piece.


If the product you want to buy is not in stock, please allow me 4-6 weeks lead time plus 5-6 days for shipping.

If the product is in stock, please allow 3-4 business days for packing and shipping.


The shipping costs worldwide are unified € 8 .- / 9.- USD